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Oct 23, 2012 5:00pm EDT
challenger to the ipad. >> it has cool, colorful accessories. >> today in california, ipad -- apple said that there product is above other tablets. >> just six months after introducing the ipad 3, they introduced the ipad 4. for now, the biggest criticism has come from inside apple itself. steve jobs famously called 7 inch tablet dead on arrival. apple says he changed his views in the final months before his death. >> it makes sense they want to defend their turf on selling products. >> apple also announced they sold its 100 million to ipad. -- 100 millionth ipad. >> coming up, one person search for a new service friend. >> and the fix is coming for the vote for one community that goes under water every time there is a big storm. >> a new hot tennis shoe its shops just days ago and already three local teenagers have been held at gunpoint. >> live and in h.d. -- this is abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> we continue now with an uptick in crime and district bank to a certain type of shoe that is very popular with teen right now. >> police are looking into at least two incidents, one of t
Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm EDT
mind. >> drivers in california set another day of record highs there. the state average per gallon of gas is about $5.67. >> california drivers frustrated with a price spike at the pump are dealing with the fourth straight day of record high gas prices. >> it is terrible. >> i only got 20 gallons. >> the prices of 49 cents since last week, far higher than the national average of $3.80 a gallon, according to the department of energy. california's dramatic spike is being blamed on several refineries and pipeline problems. many skeptical drivers say the explanations for the high prices is bogus. even california senator barbara boxer is calling for an investigation. >> we want to make sure there is no manipulation going on. >> oil experts say drivers can blame california's tough air quality regulations. governor jerry brown has ordered another blend appeal to be released early. don't expect to see a dramatic drop in prices soon. experts say could be another week before california drivers finally see any relief. >> the national average for gas is now $3.81. the lowest prices are in virg
Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm EDT
california. we have earthquakes. at union station, hurricane sandy shut down all train service. any >> he is trying to get back to wilmington, and he met a guy to get a cab. >> this cabdriver charged some $500. those traveling by car face their own dangers. this accident snarled early- the 14thraffic on street bridge. >> alexandria schools are closed. we came here to play. >> do not have out to the airport. check with your airline once again. been canceledve until further notice. throughas canceled all tomorrow. chances are you'll be stuck for a another day. >> another day, at least. search for supplies continues. stores and gasu stations. you along for a ride into the middle hurricane sandy to see how the experts gather information, close and personal. >> anncr: it'said that character is what we do... when we think no one is looking. mitt romney: believe that they are victims. anncr: mitt romney thought no one was looking when... he attacked forty-seven percent of americans. his companies shipped jobs overseas. his plan cuts millionaires' taxes, but raises yours. he'll
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
runs a half of istanbul even though she can pass her driver's test in california. paid to see this and you will be taken too. one star, pg-13. i cannot take it anymore. >> all right. take that, liam neeson. >> he has been a nice guy and a good actor. he took them. >> thank you. as always. some of the most famous shoes in movie history are leaving them estonian. they are loading -- leaving the smithsonian. they're loading the ruby slippers they return to the american history museum in november 21. >> coming up next, bedbugs are back in the area. >> the links between [ male announcer ] we the people, the middle class who move our country forward, work hard raise families, and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class, raising taxes on the average family by up to $2,000 while giving a tax break of $250,000 to multimillionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand we can't rebuild america by tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the conontent of this advertisin >> a new study is drawing a connection between childbirth impress
Oct 24, 2012 5:00pm EDT
approve this message. >> and atm theft caught on a security camera in california. look at the surveillance video. he is seen pulling the atm right out of the wall while speeding off. it is not clear how much money he got away with. >> you would think that somebody might have noticed that. >> jfk international airports security should be extra tight. >> one man proved that the high- tech security system had some very big holes. >> he was riding a jet ski last august when it broke down in jamaica bay. >> i looked around, no lights, no boats. >> but through the darkness, all he could see was the control tower. he reached a chain-link barbwire airport fence. >> he walked across runways but no one saw him in and of the cameras and motion detectors picked him up. >> i figured i would be on cameras, somebody is going to pick me up. nothing happened. i had to walk up to a worker. >> in the end, and he was arrested and charged with felony trespassing. >> 31-year-old jet skier. this is a big deal. i did not mean to do this. i exposed something really important and that is a flaw in security. >> dann
Oct 1, 2012 5:09pm EDT
california's governor. his former press secretary says she is not surprised by her former bosses told admissions. >> he likes creating drama. i think it is one of the things he is trying to do to generate sales for the book. it is the nature of who is. he has a penchant for the big the dramatic, and sometimes that is good and sometimes that is less ideal. >> schwarzenegger says maria shriver has not read his book but wishes him well. a spokesperson for mrs. shriver failed to comment. >> coming up at 6:00, news that even politicians take with a grain of salt. >> dc is trying to rev up its program to get more parking for the handicapped. that story is coming up. >> protesters will be gathering tonight to celebrate the one- year anniversary of occupy d.c. we will have that story and more starting right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> two days until the first presidential debate. mitt romney is in striking distance of president obama. >> that is at least according to some of the polls.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6